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Underneath the news that was the Viaje Zombie release has been the word that the Viaje V.O.R. and V.P.R. would be released. Rumors have run rampant for a few months regarding the next iterations of one of Viaje’s most acclaimed cigars, but details have been rather thin. The cigars and their size were once described as “interesting” and given the official details, that’s probably a pretty good way to describe them. After the jump, details on the new triple-banded Viajes.

Updated (June 21, 2011): These ship this week & other details.

For those that missed Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list this year, the largest surprise was not the flagship Cuba taking the No. 1 spot, but likely the No. 2 cigar. It’s not that a Viaje was is in second place, but, the Viaje chosen was pretty much unheard of up until then. Unlike the Satori, Skull & Bones or Holiday blend, the Viaje V.O.R. #5, the cigar given the award, was not a very well-known release. Few had smoked it, let alone heard of it, although most that had prior to the January announcement seemed to agree it was one of the better releases from Andre Farkas. Proving this point even further is the V.P.R. #6, a cigar few even today know exists.

The V.O.R. stands for Viaje Oro Reserva and the V.P.R. is the Viaje Platino Reserva. These Reserva version of the two core lines of Viaje signify two changes, aged ligero and box-pressed. Anyways, the 2011 versions have been announced and somewhat released. There is a small number (15 boxes) of the V.P.R. for Tobacco Grove in Minnesota for their event tomorrow, but the remainder of the V.P.R. release and the entirety of the V.O.R. release won’t be out for a few more weeks. There is no set date as of now, but it is soon. Edit: These ship week of June 21, 2011.

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