Viaje is set to begin shipping four cigars, some new items and other cigars returning to the market.

Viaje’s Oro and Platino blends will see the rerelease of the Perfecto sizes, the first time the company has sold the cigars since 2009. Those cigars, which measure 5 1/4 x 52, were special offerings of the company’s Oro and Platino blends, which at the time were sold in a relatively typical manner, where retailers could place orders throughout the year. That has since changed and Viaje now uses a model where it ships retailers specific cigars at specific times of the year.

As for blend info, pricing or where these are being made—none of that is known. A spokesperson for the company said that he would be unlikely to respond due to working limited hours and has since not responded with details.

Viaje’s Instagram page did say that the cigars would be offered with “dramatically reduced pricing,” though it’s unclear what that means.

The company is also adding what appears to be two new cigars to its Skull and Bones line: Bruce Banner (5 1/4 x 56) and The Hulk (6 1/4 x 60).

Somewhat confusingly, Viaje has already released a Skull and Bones cigar with The Hulk name, two in fact. That happened in 2017 as an exclusive for Anthony’s Cigar Emporium.

Those cigars were branded as part of the Viaje Skull and Bones Green line and were Nicaraguan puros. This release appears to be part of the core Skull and Bones line, hence no green in the bands, though it’s unclear what the blends are, other than the two new cigars are different per Viaje’s Instagram post.

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