Watch: PCA 2021 Live Day 4 With Pete Johnson of Tatuaje (11:00 A.M. CDT)

It’s the last day of the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show, which means it’s the final live interview of the trade show. This time...
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PCA 2021: Tatuaje

In a year when many manufacturers seemed to be zigging towards not releasing many—if any—new products, Pete Johnson zagged and continued what has already been...
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Tatuaje’s Latest Cojonú Debuting at PCA 2021

Pete Johnson has a new Tatuaje Cojonú release and it will make its debut at the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show. The Tatuaje Cojonú...
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Tatuaje’s La Riqueza Adding New Vitola at PCA 2021

Tatuaje’s La Riqueza line is getting a new size in the not-too-distant future. It’s a 5 5/8 x 54 parejo with a covered foot, though...
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Tatuaje Adding T110 Broadleaf & Sumatra (Update)

In April, the Tatuaje T110, one of the more storied cigars in the company’s history, returned to the store where it debuted in 2009. Soon,...
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Tatuaje T110 (2021)

Even in a sea made up of some of Tatuaje Cigars’ most legendary releases spanning from 2006 to 2009, the T110 stands out. When it...
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Tatuaje Ships Fausto The Old Man and the C

The new Fausto The Old Man and the C from Tatuaje has begun shipping to retailers, according to Pete Johnson, who shared the news via...
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Tatuaje LLE Capa Especial

Over the past few years, Tatuaje has been reaching far back into its 18-year history to bring back new versions of some of its more...
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Tatuaje Advent Calendar Planned for the Holiday Season

Bringing to fruition an idea he’s had for well over a decade, Pete Johnson is planning on releasing a Tatuaje-themed Advent calendar ahead of the...
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Tatuaje T110 Returning in April

In late November 2020, Pete Johnson teased the return of one the T110, one of his most iconic cigars. Now, the cigar is nearly ready...
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Tatuaje Releasing Fausto The Old Man and the C in March

Tatuaje is bringing back its The Old Man and the C release in March, but this time Pete Johnson will be using the Fausto blend....
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