Colorado Tobacco Tax Hike Defeated

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, D, suffered a defeat last night when his tobacco tax increase proposal was defeated after failing to garner enough support in...
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New Hampshire Legislator’s Bill Would Remove Cigar Tax Exemption

For years, cigar smokers in New Hampshire have been envied by those in other states for one main reason: they are not subject to paying...
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Chicago’s Tobacco Tax Declared Legal

A 2016 tax on cigars, chewing tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco has been deemed legal by the Illinois Appellate Court after a group of retailers challenged...
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Rhode Island Cigar Tax Cap Remains Untouched

Over the weekend, the Rhode Island legislature and governor hammered out the final version of the state’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, with a...
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Bill to Achieve Federal Tobacco Tax Equity Introduced in Senate

A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that seeks to achieve tax parity among all tobacco products, which would mean an increase in...
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New York City Could Enact Tobacco Tax Increase, Price Floors (Update)

Smokers in New York City could soon be looking at a significant increase of tobacco products if a proposal scheduled to go before the New...
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Chicago Cigar Tax Increase Proposal Could be Prohibited

The 90 cent per cigar tax increase proposed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel might not come to fruition, as it could be in direct opposition...
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Ketchikan, Alaska Moves Forward With Tobacco Tax Increase

A sizable new tobacco tax increase proposal in Ketchikan, Alaska gained a good bit of traction on Monday night, as the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly...
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Ohio Senate Proposes Tobacco Tax Increase

In its new budget proposal, the Ohio Senate has included an increase in the tax on other tobacco products, including cigars, from 17 percent to 22.5...
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Bill Allowing Louisiana Parishes To Impose Additional Tobacco Taxes Gets Put on Hold

A bill in the Louisiana House of Representatives that would allow parishes in the state to impose additional tobacco taxes if approved by voters has...
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Cigar Tax Slashing Bill Introduced in Minnesota

A bill that would slash the cigar tax in Minnesota from $3.50 per cigar to just $0.50 per stick has been introduced to the state legislature....
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