Omar Ortez

Fathers, Friends, and Fire Father & Daughter

In recent years, the list of holidays and festive days without a cigar continues to dwindle, and one of the most recent to come off...
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Ventura Cigar Co. Plans Special Cigar for Fathers, Friends and Fire Events

Next month, Ventura Cigar Co. will host events at 40 tobacconists around the country titled Fathers, Friends and Fire. This year, those events will include a...
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J.C. Newman Renames PENSA Factory

PENSA is now known as J.C. Newman PENSA. J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has announced that it has renamed the factory, whose acronym stands for Puros de...
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Puro Sabor 2018: Day 4

Thursday started in the back of a Nicaraguan police car. I have found my way into the back of a Nicaraguan police truck. #purosabor18 —...
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