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Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Año 2024 Debuts at PCA 2024, Accompanied by Music from Paul Montag (Update)

Oliva has unveiled its newest Serie V Melanio Edición Año, showing it off at the 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show which kicked off Saturday…

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figuriño Arrives at Stores

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Año 2023 is arriving at stores around the world. The last time the Figuriño was released, the price of admission was $21,000, this time it’s just $20.

PCA 2023: Oliva

Oliva has fancy cigars, Cuba Aliados has hats and beer. There’s also a new collaboration with Elie Bleu.

Oliva Serie V Figuriño Returning for Wider Release

The Figuriño was originally an exclusive cigar that only came in 21 Elie Bleu humidors, priced at $21,000 or €21,000. Now Oliva plans on releasing nearly 150,000 cigars.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Año 2022

There are lots of Oliva Serie V cigars in U.S. retail humidors, but this isn’t one of them.

Oliva Creates Special Version of the Melanio for Charity

Proceeds from the sale of the Oliva Limited Edition Helping Hands Foundation Corona will ultimately go towards building a new preschool-8th grade school in Nicaragua.

Oliva’s $21,000 Limited Edition Humidor Arrives in Stores

There were just five humidors shipped to the American market. Each is priced at $21,000.

Cuba Aliados Original Blend Robusto

The blend is a tribute to the cigars that Rolando Reyes Sr. made in Cuba prior to him leaving for the U.S. and eventually Honduras.

Manuel Rubio Appointed Head of Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco

The Cámara Nicaragüense de Tabacaleros (Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco) has announced the election of its new board of directors, which will serve in their roles…

Oliva Master Blends 3 Maduro Arrives at Atlantic Cigar Co.

There is now a maduro version of the Oliva Master Blends 3 line, and it is available exclusively at Atlantic Cigar Co. This new line…

Oliva Serie V Melanio JR 50th Anniversary

While I have been in a number of interesting conversations during my time in the cigar industry, I have never been involved in a conversation…