Old City Cigar

Emilio Carpe Noctem Heading to Smokin’ Joe’s

More than three years from when it was first announced and nearly a year from its scheduled release to retail, the Carpe Noctem from Emilio...
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Room101 Launching Retailer Exclusive “Ichiban Series”

Room101’s Matt Booth is no stranger to single store exclusives, but now there are plans for a series of them under a common theme. The...
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E.P. Carrillo 5th Anniversary Makes First Retail Appearance

The first batch of the new E.P. Carrillo 5th Anniversary has arrived on one retailer’s shelves, and it happens to be the store that is the...
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E.P. Carrillo Smokin’ Joe’s Limitada (Prerelease)

Every once in a while stores become closely associated with certain brands, usually because the cigars sell well in a particular shop and the heads...
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Second E.P. Carrillo Lounge Coming to Tennessee

Old City Cigar & Smokin’ Joe’s in Tennessee have announced that they will be adding an E.P. Carrillo branded lounge to their soon to be...
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E.P. Carrillo To Make Annual Limitada for Smokin’ Joe’s

A new E.P. Carrillo annual limited release for Smokin Joe’s in Alcoa, Tenn. has been announced and confirmed by both the retailer and manufacturer. The...
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