Lester Hartman

Massachusetts Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase Effort Advances

Over 60 municipalities have raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21 in the state of Massachusetts, now there’s another attempt to pass a...
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Three Massachusetts Towns Increase Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

The trio of Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge, Mass. have agreed to increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to 21-years-old, as...
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Statewide Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age Proposed in Massachusetts, Again

Nowhere in the country has the fight to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco been more active than Massachusetts and now there’s a bill...
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Framingham, Mass. Raises Minimum Purchasing Age to 21

Yet another Massachusetts town has made it illegal to purchase tobacco products for those under the age of 21. Framingham, Mass. announced that the minimum...
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Braintree, Mass. Schedules Public Hearing on Raising Tobacco Purchase Age

The town of Braintree, Mass., a suburb south of Boston with approximately 35,000 residents, is moving forward with a proposal that would raise the minimum...
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Franklin, Mass. Keeps Tobacco Purchase Age at 18 — For Now

The Franklin, Mass. Board of Health voted on Tuesday night to keep the minimum age to purchase tobacco at 18 for the immediate future, rejecting...
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Another Massachusetts Town Eyes Tobacco-Buying Age Increase

Braintree, Mass. is exploring changes its tobacco buying age limits, specifically whether the town should raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 19 years...
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