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Ferio Tego Elegancia

Ferio Tego Elegancia, Generoso 2023 Head to Stores

Each year, Ferio Tego releases the two cigars with the blends slightly tweaked from year-to-year.

Ferio Tego Elegancia, Generoso Returning for 2022

Ferio Tego’s two limited eponymous limited editions will return to shelves later this month. The blends are very similar, but not identical, to the debut 2021 releases.

Ferio Tego Elegancia

About a month from now, I’ll publish an annual feature here at halfwheel, a rare editorial and an even rarer halfwheel post that features lots of speculation….

Ferio Tego Debuting in October

The first cigars from Ferio Tego are set to arrive in stores in October. Ferio Tego is the new company from Michael Herklots and Brendon…