Michael Huff Leaves M Tabacos/Dante

Michael Huff has announced that he has resigned as the vice-president of M Tabacos Inc., the parent company of the Dante brand. As of 8:30pm est...
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Dante Vita Nova Canto III (Prerelease)

Earlier this month, at the 2014 D.C. Cigar Tweetup, Virginia-based Dante Cigars previewed its newest release, the Dante Vita Nova. It’s the sophomore release from...
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IPCPR 2013: Dante

We’ve reviewed a pair of Dante’s releases: Canto I The Imp and Canto IV: Toro, so we figured it was worth a visit to their...
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Dante Canto IV: Toro

Today we’re taking another look at a relatively new cigar brand, Dante Cigars. Though the cigar brand was originally used well over a century ago,...
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