Calhoun County

Anniston, Ala. Considering Expanding Cigar Bar Rules

Last year, Anniston, Ala. kept a law allowing for cigar bars within the northeastern Alabama city—now it’s already considering loosening the rules about where cigar bars can be...
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Anniston, Ala. Cigar Bar Exemption Remains

Cigar bars are still welcome in Anniston, Ala. Yesterday, the Anniston City Council voted 3-1, with one abstaining, to not remove the cigar bar exemption...
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Anniston, Ala. Could Revoke Cigar Bar Exemption in Smoking Ban

The era of being able to light up in a cigar bar in Anniston, Ala. could soon come to an end, as the city council has asked...
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Voters in Port Lavaca, Texas Approve Smoking Ban

Voters in the city of Port Lavaca, Texas have given their approval to a ban on smoking in most all public buildings, passing a ballot...
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