Aladino Maduro

JRE Adds Aladino Reserva Toro, Maduro Corona

In addition to soft-launching its new Aladino Connecticut line, JRE Tobacco Co. has also shipped select retailers to other new cigars, both extensions to existing...
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IPCPR 2018: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co is now into its second year of manning its own booth, having previously shared space within the CLE booth. This year also...
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JRE Continues Aladino Maduro Soft Launch, Full Release Scheduled at IPCPR 2018

One day, you too might be able to try the Aladino Maduro, a cigar that wowed halfwheel’s reviewers enough to earn it 18th on our Top 25 for...
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Aladino Maduro Rothschild

In one of the longest build-ups of a new cigar release in recent memory, news of JRE Tobacco’s new Aladino Maduro began to surface in...
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JRE Soft Launches New Aladino Maduro

Over the past few weeks, select shops have begun receiving a new cigar from JRE Tobacco Co., the Aladino Maduro. The blend has been in...
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JRE Tobacco Co. Plans Aladino Maduro

Fans of the Aladino line from JRE Tobacco Co. have a maduro version to look forward to. Justo Eiroa, the company’s president, confirmed to halfwheel that...
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