French accessory maker S.T.Dupont is no stranger to high-priced items inspired by space, but its newest collection of accessories looks to space as what it could be, not just celebrating past achievements.

It’s called Space Odyssey, a 10-piece limited collection of lighters, pens and cufflinks—all based on the galaxy and those who seek to explore it.

As with many of S.T.Dupont’s releases, there’s a variety of items that are divided into tiers. The highest-end items are part of the Prestige Collection, show in the image above.

For cigar smokers, the S.T.Dupont Line 2 Space Odyssey Prestige Lighter takes the company’s iconic Line 2 soft flame lighter and adds a space-inspired modern feel to it. The most notable feature is a small transparent circle on the body that is designed to look like earth. It’s made of “glittered-sprinkled resin,” behind it is lacquer that has been sprayed to look like the Milky Way. The rest of the lighter is made from palladium and uses natural lacquer.

A similar effect is used on the Space Odyssey Prestige pens.

By themselves, the lighters and pens have MSRPs of $3,395 and $3,495, but there’s also the option to purchase the Smoking Kit or Writing Kit, which adds a base to either the lighter or pen. In the case of the lighter, the base looks like a lunar module; the pen’s base mimics a launchpad.

Both the Smoking and Writing Kits are limited to 399 numbered pieces. The Prestige Line 2 lighter and Prestige writing instruments are each limited to 999 numbered pieces.

For just under $12,000, S.T.Dupont offers theSpace Odyssey Prestige Collector Set, which includes a Prestige lighter, a Prestige pen, an ashtray, ink well and cufflinks.

  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Line 2 — $3,495
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Fountain Pen — $3,495
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Roller Ball — $3,395
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Prestige Smoking Kit — $5,250
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Writing Kit — $5,250
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Prestige Collector Set — $11,995

S.T.Dupont is also offering Premium Collection pieces, which are priced less than their Prestige counterparts. These pieces will be made from palladium and lacquer that are designed to depict a galaxy. Each item in the Premium Collection is limited to 2,001 pieces.

The company has not released images of the Premium Collection.

  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Premium Line 2 Lighter — $1,995
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Premium Fountain Pen — $1,995
  • S.T.Dupont Space Odyssey Premium Roller Ball — $1,895

Coles of London, S.T.Dupont’s U.S. distributor, says the items will be shown off at next week’s 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas and will begin shipping to stores in October.

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