Room101’s newest cigar is set for a late-June launch. The Room101 Serie HN is the latest limited edition from Matt Booth, featuring a Honduran Criollo wrapper over a variety of flavors. According to marketing material sent by Oettinger Davidoff Group to halfwheel, the cigars will launch in five sizes later this month.

The material describes the release:

Introducing the NEW Serie HN, the latest edition to the Room101 core line of cigars. Following the success of our most recent core offering, the Room101 San Andres, we’ve decided to take yet another unique journey with this new blend. Honduran Criollo is widely-known for its signature taste; rich, rugged and filled with intense spice. By itself, Criollo can be slightly one dimensional. However, when expertly combined with tobaccos such as Mata Fina from Brazil and a creamy Dominican Navarette, the richness and spice of Criollo comes to life in an unimaginable way. The result is a multi-dimensional and full-flavored, medium-intensity cigar with a level of balance unmatched by most.

Room101 Serie HN Vitolas

The five sizes are 213 (5 1/2 x 44; $5.50/$137.50), 305 (5 x 50; $6.00/$150.00), 615 (7 x 48; $7.00/$175.00), 808 (6 x 60; $7.50/$187.50) and Papi Chulo (4 x 42; $5.00/$250.00). All sizes come in boxes of 25, except for the Papi Chulo which is offered in boxes of 50. As is the case in the past, Room101 uses area codes for naming its sizes.

Production for each size is limited to 20,000 cigars per vitola.

This is the fourth consecutive mid-year limited release for Room101 following the Room101 LTD, Room101 LTD Namakubi and Room101 Daruma.

Room101 Serie HN Box

The company announced the release last week on Facebook.

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