Topper Cigar Co. is back in the revamped De Los Reyes booth. As with the other companies in the De Los Reyes et al. booth, De Los Reyes makes Topper’s cigars.

Here’s what I said about the booth in the De Los Reyes write-up:

While the old booth reminded me a lot of the De Los Reyes factory in the Dominican Republic—including dark hardwood furniture and paste-colored panels elsewhere—the new booth seems about efficiency.

I would venture to guess that the new booth is a substantial savings in cost and time to set up. As someone who is responsible for the logistics of halfwheel’s trade show booth: I understand this completely. Objectively, I liked the look of the old booth better. But I’m neither the one paying for it nor am I the one setting it up. If you knew the costs of everything related to the booth—or whether or not there is air-conditioning during set-up—I’m pretty confident you would understand that sometimes simplicity is the answer. Also missing from last year was Nirka Reyes-Estrella, though it appears she sent a film crew in her place.

Chris Topper does not have anything new for this trade show, but did tell me that he is working on an all-new line for the future. The aim is for it to be on the affordable side and I’d suspect it would tie into Topper’s long history in the northeast, which dates back to 1896. Speaking of which, it’s not going to be too long before a 130th anniversary cigar will be in the works.

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