While many companies seemed to report a slower Day 2 of PCA 2023, Boveda said things were going pretty well for the Minnesota-based humidification company. I stopped by for the most exciting party of the day, as the company’s still-to-be-released 25th anniversary was being taken out to be put on display.

There is nothing officially new, but that 25th Anniversary Humidor is getting close to a release. More on that below.

As for Boveda’s booth, I think it’s the same booth as it’s been for the last few years. The company’s podcast studio occupies the back area, while most of the front of the booth is dedicated to sales and meetings. It also seems like Boveda is in the same spot as it was in last year, but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

Boveda 25th Anniversary Humidor

These pictures are the exact same as the ones I took last year because the exact same prototype is back. You can learn a lot more about the humidor by clicking here.

There’s one minor change, though. The company is working on a still-to-be-finished cover for the Boveda packs. It is also still deciding about one more interior decoration: my suggestion was an engraved non-fuctioning hygrometer, something that Sean Knutsen, Boveda’s president, had previously thought of.

I’m told the plan is to have these by the end of the year, perhaps even in October. It’s still one of my favorite Elie Bleu humidors to date, which is saying something given the number of collaborations the French company is doing.

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