Blue Mountain Cigars didn’t have anything new at the trade show this year — except for the two banners along the back of the booth, which they jokingly said were the only new things the company brought to the show.

The booth might not have seemed to be in the best position along the back corner and wall, but they were only a few feet away from the lunch area. That meant any foot traffic to the food court would likely get eyes on the brand and the booth.

With no new products, focus was on the Calypso, a flavored release that they launched last year.

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Brian Burt

I have been smoking cigars since 2005 and reviewing them as a hobby since 2010. Initially, I started out small with a 50-count humidor and only smoking one or two cigars a month. Not knowing anybody else that smoked cigars, it was only an occasional hobby that I took part in. In March of 2010, I joined Nublive and Cigar Asylum, connecting me with many people who also shared an interest in cigars. Reading what they had to say about brands I had never heard of, I quickly immersed myself in the boutique brands of the industry and it was then that cigars transformed from a hobby into a passion.