IPCPR 2016: Top 3 Things – Brian Burt Edition


So as you’ve probably seen the other three members of the halfwheel staff write, here is my participation in the Top 3 Things posts we’re doing this year.

1. Small Ring Gauges — I’ve seen the trend ramping up in the past few years as the giant ring gauge trend has peaked, but I was extremely pleased at the number of lanceros, petit coronas and other smaller ring gauge cigars that were being introduced from either previously released blends or new lines.


New lines seemed to be introduced with a range of ring gauges – not just 52, 56 and 60 – and existing lines seemed to fill out the bottom end to round their offerings out. I think I heard “petit corona” more this year than I have in any other recent year.

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang IPCPR 2016

2. Drew Estate’s Swamp Thang & Swamp Rat — There doesn’t seem to be more polarizing views about the KFC line or candela wrappers in other facets of cigar smoking. People either love them or hate them. So what does Drew Estate do? They put those two things together.

The question remains on whether they took two 50/50 groups and narrowed the field of who likes the cigar even further, or if the combination will be one that wins more people over to the “like” side. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try it—but I like both the KFC and candela wrappers—so I’m looking forward to seeing what the combination is like.

Prometheus 2016 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X Story Humidor 4 IPCPR 2016

3. Prometheus 2016 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X Story Humidor — Ending the list is of course something way out of my price range, but nonetheless was extremely impressed with – the Prometheus 2016 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X Story Humidor. Not only are these humidors just stunningly gorgeous in person, but they come with 100 rare and sometimes vintage Fuente cigars.

Not only would it be a beautiful piece to display in your home, but the functionality of it seems to be quite well thought out also. All three finishes are impressive in their own right, which will certainly give Fuente collectors pause on which one to choose.

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