Mombacho has moved out on its own, not only in booth terms but in distribution terms as well. After parting ways with RoMa Craft for its distribution, this year they were sporting their own space which included some new offerings.

Mombacho booth

In an expansion to the core line, they went with a slightly smaller ring gauge for the Fino, a 6 x 44 using the same blend, but specifically blending for the size. It will be regular release and shipping immediately, with a price tag of $9.25 and will come 16 per box.

Mombacho Tierra Volcan Fino

For the core line they also released some new displays for retailers and a new sampler pack of all five sizes which will retail for $49.95.

Mombacho new displays

Mombacho sampler

A really neat project that they unveiled at the show is the Todd White Art Box series. The release features two unique pieces of art specifically made for these boxes on the inside of the box lid. It’s the Classico blend in a 5 1/2 x 50 robusto, limited to 100 boxes of eight cigars for each painting, priced at $395.00 per box. They are scheduled to start shipping in August.

Mombacho Todd White Art Box 1

Mombacho Todd White Art Box 2

Mombacho Todd White Art Box 3

Mombacho Todd White Art Box 4

There were also some pieces by White that were hanging in the booth, each with some sort of cigar theme to them.

Mombacho Todd White Art Box 5

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