My name is Joseph Carroll, and I am the person behind producing content for a new project called, Reklame.

Pronounced re-claim, the word is Norwegian for advertising.

Reklame is an independently-staffed content creation division of Rueda Media, LLC, parent company of halfwheel and Tenemu.

What that means is that it works with brands, i.e. an advertiser, to write posts. It’s more commonly referred to as “sponsored posts” or “paid content”—a hybrid mix between advertising and an informative post. Reklame will partner with brands to create content that is more in-depth than what you might see in a halfwheel news story, with fewer restrictions. These projects are done as a partnership, meaning brands are given input into the creative process. These projects could range from the documentation of how a brand is created and brought to market, to creating a pairings guide to a particular cigar – the sky is the limit.

The work done by Reklame is sponsored content, meaning it is paid for by the brand that commissions the project. This will take the form of branded posts that appear in the primary news-feed on, and all content will be clearly tagged as such with a full disclosure that it is a sponsored post.

Ultimately, I—as the writer for Reklame—am responsible for creating the content and it must be approved by both the client and Rueda Media, LLC. This is not about writing posts that tell you about how this cigar is going to change the world, it’s about giving company’s the ability to use a post to go more in-depth about a cigar.

While these posts will be given a bit more creative freedom, it is paramount that the work these projects produce remains in the same style and spirit as traditional halfwheel.

In closing, I hope you all enjoy the work that Reklame produces – you’ll be seeing the first example in just a few minutes. Take a glance around the site and you might be able to figure out who we’re covering.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below.

Joseph Carroll

I am an enthusiast of all things cigars - from the experience of smoking, to becoming engrossed in their culture. In an age increasingly dominated by technology and automated manufacturing, I consciously strive to retain an appreciation for pursuits based around concepts like craftsmanship, passion, and artistic expression. I believe that quirks and flaws are often what gives art its beauty. I aim to embrace both the good and the bad in my writing, as I think both sides of the coin are necessary to capture something in its entirety. In my spare time I enjoy reading, exceeding speed limits, and nursing my fetish for all things Koenigsegg Automotive.