July 30, 2019

Tatuaje Ships Mexican Experiment, ME II

Eight Tatuaje cigars with Mexican San Andrés wrappers are heading to stores. Tatuaje has begun shipping the 2019 version of its Mexican Experiment, as well...
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Kafie 1901 Cigars Adding Cigarillos for Fall, Debuts Updated Packaging

Kafie 1901 Cigars has announced a pair of new cigarillos that it will be releasing this fall to consumers in the U.S. “Small cigarillos are...
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La Palina Sends Silver Label to TAA Members

La Palina’s contribution to the Tobacconists’ Association of America Exclusive Series is on its way to TAA member stores, as today the company announced the...
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Drew Estate Ships ACID Kuba Arte

The flagship release for the 20th anniversary of ACID is heading to stores. Yesterday, Drew Estate began shipping the new ACID Kuba Arte, a limited...
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HVC La Rosa 520 Favoritos

During our 2019 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show live show, Steva Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust made a comment that has stuck with me....
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