June 16, 2017

Jas Sum Kral Zlatno Sonce Toro

In the realm of boutique brands that could break through onto a bigger stage, one of the most prominent names is likely one of the hardest...
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What Do Trump’s Cuba Changes Mean for Cigars?

In short: nothing yet, but it’s still unknown. Today, President Donald Trump delivered a speech calling for a change on the U.S. government’s policy towards...
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Delaware Bill Seeks to Double Cigar Tax

A bill to double the tax on cigars, as well as increase the tax on other tobacco products, has been introduced into the Delaware legislature....
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Colibri Announces New Rally Lighter

Colibri is bringing a new single flame lighter to next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. The Colibri Rally “embodies the spirit of modern F1...
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Gresham, Ore. Parks Go Tobacco Free Today

The parks of Gresham, Ore. are officially going smoke free today, but park users will get a six-month reprieve from a fine should they light...
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Viaje Zombie Biohazard Returns for 2017

Zombie, Zombie Super Shot, Zombie Antidote—and now Zombie Biohazard. Viaje’s full family of Zombie cigars has made a return for 2017 with the latest shipping...
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JetLine Proto-Pipe Slated for IPCPR

For smokers of both cigars and pipes, having one lighter that can handle both tasks is often a welcomed accessory, and JetLine has a new...
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Gispert Intenso Corona

Collaboration has been the hottest buzz word in the cigar industry for the last couple of years and no company seems more involved in the trend...
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