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May 23, 2017

Long Live The King The Crowning

Back in 2014, Caldwell Cigar Co debuted with three lines: Long Live The King, The King is Dead and Eastern Standard. Since then, the company’s releases…

UAE Introducing Massive Tobacco Tax Hike

The United Arab Emirates Federal Tax Authority has announced a host of new taxes, including a “100 percent tax” on tobacco products. It won’t take effect until…

Rockville, Md. Bans Smoking in Outdoor Dining Areas

Requesting a table outside so you can smoke is a thing of the past in Rockville, Md., as on Monday night the city council passed a…

Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2017 Heading to Retailers in June

Davidoff has released the details of its latest creation, the Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2017 that will be coming to retailers beginning on June 1….