November 11, 2014

Clover, S.C. Passes Tobacco Ban in Parks

The town council of Clover, S.C. passed a new ban on the use of tobacco and tobacco alternatives in town parks and recreation sites on...
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Illusione Pactum Becomes Latest Smoke Inn Microblend Series

Illusione is not known for its private label program and owner Dion Giolito is not known for doing events, but on Dec. 5, both rarities...
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Minimum Purchasing Age Hike for Tobacco Debate Back on in Nassau County

In March, a proposal to raise the minimum purchasing age for tobacco from 19 to 21 in Nassau County, N.Y. was tabled. Now, the same...
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Viaje Skull and Bones M?stery (2014)

Since 2010, Viaje has released one or more vitolas of the M?stery blend every October. The blend and release details about the M?stery versions have always...
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Dennis, Mass. Board of Health Looking at Raising Tobacco Purchase Age

Seeing how an increase in the minimum purchase age to purchase tobacco has affected the neighboring town of Yarmouth, Mass., the board of health in the...
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Rodrigo Ships The Corona Project

In January 2012, George Rodriguez of Rodrigo Cigars announced The Corona Project, yesterday, it finally began shipping. View this post on Instagram A post shared...
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Cigar Tax Proposed in Philadelphia

A new proposal in Philadelphia could increase the cost of cigars within city limits. Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown has proposed a series of taxes on tobacco...
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