February 28, 2014

Epic Maduro Reserva Robusto (Prerelease)

In a few weeks, Epic Cigars will launch with two releases. One is the Epic Reserva Corojo, the other is the Epic Reserva Maduro. The...
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Press Release: AVO Limited Edition 2014 «AVO 88»

February 28, 2014 (Pinellas Park, Fla.) — The AVO Limited Edition 2014 celebrates the extraordinary 88th numerology gains full exposure with the number 8. Not only does...
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La Flor Dominicana Texas Cigar Festival Returning

The special La Flor Dominicana Texas Cigar Festival cigar will return for the 2014 rendition of the Serious Cigars event. Jon Carney, vp of sales for...
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British Columbia Health Minister Calls for Nationwide Ban on All Flavored Tobacco

The Health Minister of British Columbia has called for a ban on all flavored tobacco throughout Canada, which would expand the country’s prohibition that currently...
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