January 2, 2014

Dunhill Selección No.69 Ramón Allones (1950s)

Alfred Dunhill was truly a giant in the cigar industry in his day: prominent London tobacco retailer, pipe maker, entrepreneur and the founder of the...
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Reinado Releases Grand Empire Reserve 6 x 60

The fifth size of the Grand Empire Reserve has finally landed in a retail store environment. Company founder Antonio Lam showed off pictures of the...
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Utah Senator Files Bill to Raise Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

After beginning the process of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from 19 to 21 late in 2013, Utah Senator Stuart Reid (R-Ogden)...
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Press Release: Quesada Cigars Announces 40th Anniversary, Name Change

December 16, 2013 — The Quesada family is proud to announce 2014 will be a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of their factory in the...
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