John Anderson and Matt Krim’s newest Washington D.C. location, Civil Cigar Lounge, has opened with a new exclusive Tatuaje, a 7 5/8 x 52 Brown Label. Pete Johnson made the cigar for Anderson and Krim, who are also behind W. Curtis Draper, as an exclusive for their locker members. Civil Cigar Lounge has 125 lockers, which are being offered for $1,000 per year, each coming with a box of the exclusive Tatuaje along with other benefits.

News of the cigar appeared when Jerry Cruz visited the location as part of a media event.

Johnson made 150 boxes, it’s expected that the remaining 25 boxes will go to those involved with the Little Puff, the annual event hosted by W. Curtis Draper benefiting a variety of charities. While the retail portion of the store is formally open, the lounge won’t be open until January 14, which is the same day the lockers will be available to members according to the Civil Cigar website.

The cigar is slightly larger than the 7 5/8 x 49 Tainos, which has been part of the Seleccion de Cazador line from its inception. Johnson told halfwheel the one difference between the Civil Cigar Lounge and the original Brown Label sizes is the retail exclusive is made in Nicaragua, which has been where Johnson’s Brown Label extensions in recent years have come from.

He indicated the cigar might become a regular release for Civil Cigar Lounge, but it’s unclear at the moment if or when that will take place.

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