Crowned Heads Makes Le Pâtissier a Regular Production Line

The Le Pâtissier will now be offered in four regular production sizes. Unfortunately, the original 6 1/2 x 44 vitola is not one of those four sizes.

Yaya Debuting in the U.S. at PCA 2022

Two years after Yaya debuted in the U.S. it is coming to the U.S. through a distribution deal with United Cigar Group.

Miami Cigar & Co. Adds Don Lino Africa Humidor

If you are a big fan of the Don Lino Africa brand, Miami Cigar & Co. has a humidor for you.

Oliva’s Cigar Advent Calendar Returning for 2022

Oliva’s Advent Calendar is back for 2022. As for what’s inside, that will remain a mystery until next month.

Quesada Oktoberfest 2022 Heading to Stores in September

Quesada’s annual Oktoberfest cigar line will return in four vitolas this year, one of which will be an exclusive to Like last year’s Oktoberfest…

Dapper Renaming El Borracho Lines; Adding Box-Pressed Belicoso at PCA 2022

Dapper’s El Borracho lines will now be known as El Borracho Broadleaf and El Borracho San Andres. In addition, both are getting a new box-pressed belicoso vitola.

Founders Cigar Co. Adding Hamilton Candela to Lineup at PCA 2022

Founders Cigar Co. will be releasing the Hamilton Candela, which is—somewhat predictably—a candela-wrapped blend named after U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Fratello Creates Double-Capped Cigar as PCA 2022 Exclusive

The VICEVERSA is capped on both ends. Depending on which end you cut, Fratello says the cigar will start off with a very different flavor profile.