Kentucky Legislature Passes Budget Containing Cigar Tax Increase

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Legislature passed a budget package that includes an increase in the state’s tobacco tax, absorbing a previously standalone bill as legislators...
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Treasury Department Delays Excise Tax Payments for Cigars & Other Products Due to Coronavirus

The Department of the Treasury has announced that it will allow alcohol, tobacco and firearm companies to delay their excise tax payments for 90 days...
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Premium Cigars, Pipes Avoid Tax Hikes in Maryland

The tax rates for premium cigars and pipe tobacco in Maryland will not increase as part of a new bill moving through the state’s legislature....
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New Castle, Colo. Won’t Collect New Tobacco Tax, Possibly Through End of 2020

Last November, voters in the town of New Castle approved an increase to the tobacco tax, adding a 40 percent tax on the wholesale price...
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Kentucky House Approves Bill Raising Tobacco Taxes

The Kentucky House of Representatives has approved H.B. 32, which would increase the tax on other tobacco products, including cigars, from 15 percent to 25...
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West Virginia Tobacco Tax Increase Won’t Advance

While the West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would raise the state’s tobacco tax rate on cigars and other tobacco products from 12 percent...
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West Virginia Senate Passes Bill With Tobacco Tax Increase

A bill containing a drastic increase to the tobacco tax in exchange for a gradual phase out of personal property taxes on manufacturing machinery, equipment,...
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West Virginia Legislators Propose Quadrupling Tobacco Tax

As part of a proposal to phase out the state’s business and inventory tax, legislators in West Virginia have introduced a bill that would raise...
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Wyoming Tobacco Tax Hike Fails

Once again, an effort in Wyoming to increase the taxes charged on cigars and other tobacco products has failed. H.B. 0205 would have increased the...
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Kentucky Tobacco Tax Increase Proposal Clears House Committee

The Kentucky House Budget Committee has passed a bill that would nearly double the state’s taxes on cigars. H.B. 32 would increase the tax on...
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Virginia Delegates Propose Higher Tobacco Taxes, Flavored Tobacco Ban, Retail License

A group of delegates in the Virginia General Assembly have filed bills that will seek to increase the ban the sale of flavored tobacco products...
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