Canada’s Proposed Budget Includes Increased Tobacco Taxes

Canada is rarely thought of as a place to buy premium cigars affordably, and there is a good chance that the United States’ northern neighbor...
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Another U.S. Senate Bill Seeks Massive Federal Tax Increase on Cigars, Other Tobacco Products

Another bill seeking to “close loopholes” in the federal tax code on tobacco products has been introduced into the U.S. Senate, and if passed, could...
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Bill Would Make Maine’s Cigar Tax Highest in the U.S.

A bill introduced in the Maine House of Representatives would double the state’s taxes on all tobacco products, taxing cigars at a rate of 86...
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Bill Seeks to Cap Illinois Cigar Tax at 50 Cents Per Cigar

A bill in Illinois would limit the state’s tax rate for cigars to no more than 50 cents per cigar. H.B.0570 was introduced in February...
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Senate Bill Would Dramatically Increase Taxes on Cigars, Other Tobacco Products

A bill aimed at reducing maternal mortality introduced last month in the U.S. Senate would dramatically increase the federal excise taxes paid on tobacco products,...
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Michigan Representative Introduces Bill Extending Cigar Tax Cap

A Michigan state representative has introduced a bill that would permanently extend the state’s 50-cent tax cap on premium cigars, which is currently set to...
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Bill Seeking to Raise Minnesota’s Tobacco Taxes Moving Forward

A bill in the Minnesota Legislature that seeks to raise tobacco taxes in the state—including a drastic increase in the state’s cigar tax—took its first...
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Mississippi House Passes Tax Reform Bill That Would Increase Cigar Taxes

A bill in the Mississippi legislature that would provide a number of changes to the state’s tax laws would increase the tax on premium cigars...
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North Dakota House of Representatives Reject Cigar Tax Increase

This week, the North Dakota House of Representatives soundly rejected a pair of bills to increase tobacco taxes in the state, including one that would...
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Virginia Extends Tobacco Tax to Mail Order Transactions

Out-of-state cigar retailers who ship cigars to customers in Virginia are now required to include the state’s excise tax on cigars as part of the...
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Oregon’s Cigar Tax Cap Increases Today

Cigars in Oregon will be getting a bit more expensive today, as a tax increase approved by voters in November has gone into effect. The...
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