Virginia Governor Signs Budget Bill That Doubles Cigar Tax

Late last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed the state’s budget bill, H.B. 30, into law, which comes with language that will double the state’s...
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Colorado Initiative Seeks Cigar Tax Increase

An initiative to significantly raise Colorado’s tobacco taxes was approved for circulation this week, meaning that the organizers can begin collecting signatures in hopes of...
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Some Cigar Excise Taxes Officially Delayed by 90 Days

Cigar companies and others will get an additional 90 days to pay the federal excise taxes they owe on products that were imported between March...
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New York Cigar Taxes Set to More Than Double

The price of cigars in New York state is likely to skyrocket barring a last-minute change to the state’s recently-passed budget. Last week, New York’s...
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Carbondale, Colo. Voters Approve 40 Percent Tobacco Tax

On Tuesday, voters in Carbondale overwhelmingly approved a proposal that will raise the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products this summer, with 70.8 percent...
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Treasury Department Delays Excise Tax Payments for Cigars & Other Products Due to Coronavirus (Update: Not Yet)

The Department of the Treasury has announced that it will allow alcohol, tobacco and firearm companies to delay their excise tax payments for 90 days...
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Kentucky Legislature Passes Budget, Cigar Tax Increase Removed (Update)

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Legislature passed a one-year budget package that sought to address what will be 12 months of uncertain revenue for the state....
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Premium Cigars, Pipes Avoid Tax Hikes in Maryland

The tax rates for premium cigars and pipe tobacco in Maryland will not increase as part of a new bill moving through the state’s legislature....
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New Castle, Colo. Won’t Collect New Tobacco Tax, Possibly Through End of 2020

Last November, voters in the town of New Castle approved an increase to the tobacco tax, adding a 40 percent tax on the wholesale price...
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Kentucky House Approves Bill Raising Tobacco Taxes

The Kentucky House of Representatives has approved H.B. 32, which would increase the tax on other tobacco products, including cigars, from 15 percent to 25...
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West Virginia Tobacco Tax Increase Won’t Advance

While the West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would raise the state’s tobacco tax rate on cigars and other tobacco products from 12 percent...
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