Colorado Tobacco Tax Hike Defeated

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, D, suffered a defeat last night when his tobacco tax increase proposal was defeated after failing to garner enough support in...
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Colorado Governor and Legislators Propose Tobacco Tax Increase

Voters in Colorado could have the final say on whether to raise the state’s tobacco taxes after a pair of legislators introduced HB 19-1333, which...
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Ohio Cigar Tax Cap Increasing 2 Cents

Taxes on premium cigars in Ohio are increasing by a couple of pennies. Last year, Ohio introduced a new tax structure on cigars, increasing the...
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Trump’s Budget Calls for E-Cigarette User Fees, Likely Hikes for Cigars

President Trump unveiled his FY2020 budget and in it is a proposal that would likely affect the user fees paid by cigar companies to help...
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Maine Bill Would Quadruple Cigar Tax

A new bill in Maine could more than quadruple the tax on cigars and other tobacco products in the state of Maine. L.D. 1028 would...
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Maryland Bill Would Remove Premium Cigar Tax

A bill in Maryland could remove the tax on premium cigars in the state of Maryland. Currently, the tax on premium cigars is 15 percent...
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Nebraska Cigar Tax Would Triple Under Proposed Bill

A bill in the Nebraska Legislature is seeking to more than triple the state’s tobacco tax—including the one levied on cigars—from 20 percent of the...
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Iowa Could See Drastic Cigar Tax Increase

A bill introduced into the Iowa Legislature on Wednesday is seeking to not only remove the state’s 50-cent cap on the cigar tax, but increase...
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New Hampshire Cigar Tax Bill Dies in Committee

An attempt to tax cigars in the state of New Hampshire has once again failed. Last week, the New Hampshire House Ways & Means Committee voted...
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Arizona Senator Calls for Higher Tobacco Taxes

An Arizona state senator is calling for a drastic increase in the state’s tobacco taxes in an effort to fund college education and hopes that...
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