Flavored Tobacco

Santa Cruz, Calif. to Ban Flavored Tobacco

Santa Cruz, Calif. may be best known for its boardwalk, but this week it got attention for becoming the latest city to pass a ban...
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Alameda, Calif. Passes Flavored Tobacco Ban, Retailer Licenses

The ban on flavored tobacco in the San Francisco Bay Area has found another supporter, as this week the city of Alameda passed a ban...
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FDA Plans Flavored Cigar, Menthol Cigarette Ban

As expected this week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced sweeping regulation to the e-cigarette and vaping industry, but in doing so it...
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Ashburnham, Mass. Bans Flavored Tobacco, Raises Purchasing Age to 21

A pair of anti-tobacco ordinances received the approval of the Ashburnham Board of Health this week, as a person will soon have to be at...
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Marin County, Calif. Bans Sale of Flavored Tobacco

A complete ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products, including vaping liquids and menthol cigarettes, will be coming to Marin County, Calif. over the...
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Dracut, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age, Passes Additional Restrictions

The Dracut Board of Health passed a number of tobacco-related proposals at its most recent meeting, the most notable of which is that a person...
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FDA Hints at Flavored Cigar Ban

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) would like to ban flavored cigars. As part of the agency’s most recent Unified Agenda of Regulations, FDA...
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Wilbraham, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age, Limits Tobacco Sales

The town of Wilbraham, Mass. has passed a number of new tobacco-related ordinances, including raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old ahead...
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San Francisco Voters Approve Flavored Tobacco Ban

On Tuesday, voters in San Francisco, Calif. overwhelmingly supported a proposition that will ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in the city, with 68.4%...
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San Mateo County, Calif. Passes Ban on Flavored Tobacco

At its meeting on Tuesday morning, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products within the unincorporated...
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Philadelphia Flavored Tobacco Ban Proposed

Philadelphia will consider banning flavored tobacco. Last week, Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., D-4, introduced legislation that would ban flavored tobacco in the city. A hearing is...
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