I was sitting at Casa Fuente in Las Vegas on Wednesday smoking with a couple of Great BOTLs (which is the reason the blog was not updated yesterday, if you were wondering), I realized that I have not seen any really large high quality photos of the Casa Fuente store and its contents, and that in the past few months, I have received a few emails asking what the place looks like inside. So, I decided (on an earlier trip) to get permission to photograph inside the store, all in the interest of informing my faithful readers who have never been.

And as promised, here are some photos of what the outside and inside Casa Fuente (which if you are looking for it, is in Caesar’s Palace at the end of the Forum Shops) looks like:

This is the first thing you see as you walk into the main store itself:

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 1.png

Turn to the left to see the bar:

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 2.png

Walk inside the store, and this is what you see when you walk into the humidor….the main humidor is the left:

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 3.png

Where we have some the “Less Stellar” sticks (ie, the Casa Fuente House brand):

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 4.png

Turning to right, you find a section with all the “great stuff”…

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 5.png

Some of the aforementioned “Great Stuff” (ie, AF 13s and Forbidden X BBMF, both at $125):

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 6.png

Back outside, the waitress will happily serve you one of the famous Casa Fuente Mojitos:


And finally, here is a photo looking at the outside of the store, where you can sit and smoke:

Casa Fuente Las Vegas 7.png

Hope that gives you some idea of what the place is like! I visit every time I go to Vegas, and would not miss it.

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