On Friday, Casa Fernández will begin shipping the newest in its JFR line and many cigar smokers are likely to rejoice. It’s a normal ring gauge.rare, making it an exception to the recent releases in the JFR line.

While the cigar measures 7 x 50, it’s not exactly a normal look. The new cigar is JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot and as the name implies, the cigar features a shaggy foot.

JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot Cigar

“We wanted to show the rustic beauty of the cigar,” said Max Fernández Pujals. “We left the leaves showing as a reminder that Cigar-making is a hand rolled craft. We’re leaf growers, so we liked that you can see the bare leaves that we grew on our farms in Nicaragua… It’s genuine, you can see the leaves that we’ve grown and processed the way we see them when we’re working with tobacco in Aganorsa. Every day we’re smoking those leaves in rustic hand rolled vegueros from the pilones and from the ageing tobacco bales.”

As for the cigar, it’s a Nicaraguan puro using five-year-old corojo 99 leaf, another first for the JFR line. The Shaggy Foot will come in boxes of 30 with suggested retail pricing at $8.

JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot Box 1

The artwork is also another departure for the JFR line with a much more striking visual. It uses the radio tower as both a parallel to the foot of the cigar, with the leaves extending out, but also as a symbol of the American workers movement. Fernandez Pujals explained that the movement was crucial to gaining the eight-hour work day, which of course meant more time for the enjoyment of cigars.

JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot Box 2

JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot is made at the company’s Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) in Estelí, Nicaragua. It will begin shipping on Friday.

Casa Fernández launched the JFR brand in 2005. Known as Just for Retailers, the brand was meant only for brick and mortar stores. Late last year, it announced JFR Lunatic, a stronger version of the original line.

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