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Therapy by Nomad

Weekly News (July 13, 2015)

Cigar News Altadis USA & Pete Johnson Collaborate for Henry Clay Tattoo Asylum 13 Corojo 7 x 70 Replaces 6 x 70 Asylum 13 Ogre…

Nomad Ships Therapy Ahead of IPCPR 2015

For the most part, the cigar industry likes to run on its own time, but Fred Rewey has found a way to jump out ahead….

Weekly News (June 22, 2015)

Cigar News 1502 Shipping Nicaragua Churchill C.Gars Ltd Auctions $680,000 of Cigars Crowned Heads Announces La Imperiosa Crowned Heads Bringing New Jericho Hill Size to…

Nomad Bringing Therapy to IPCPR 2015

You won’t have to remember a pecuiliar letter and number system to find Nomad’s newest cigar, just ask for some therapy, literally. The newest release…