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Cigar Tax Cap Language Introduced in Virginia

The proposed language would introduce a tax cap of 30 cents per cigar, reducing the price of any cigar with an MSRP of at least $3.10.

Fairbanks, Alaska Raises Tobacco Tax

In 2024, the tax rate will more than double in Alaska’s second-largest city.

Massive Tobacco Tax Increase Bill Reintroduced in Congress

The bill would more than triple the federal taxes on premium cigars. Copy. Paste.

New Bill Would More Than Triple Federal Taxes for Cigars

The bill includes Sen. Dick Durbin’s Tobacco Tax Equity Language that would dramatically increase the federal taxes paid on cigars. The weight-based tax would more than triple the federal taxes paid for a robustos and could amount to a nearly 500 percent increase on the federal taxes for a 6 x 60.

Hong Kong Considering Generational Tobacco Ban, Higher Taxes, Plain Packaging & More

Hong Kong’s Health Bureau is surveying residents on potential new tobacco regulations encompassing everything from increased tobacco taxes to nicotine limits to a generational tobacco ban.

Nevada 50 Cent Cigar Tax Cap Bill Passes House (Update)

The new bill was introduced with bipartisan support. Currently, Nevada’s tax rate is 30 percent of the wholesale price.

Montana Governor Signs 35 Cents Tax Cap for Premium Cigars

Beginning July 1, consumers should expect reduced prices for cigars they purchase in Montana.

Colorado Voters to Decide Whether to Reduce Tobacco Tax Rate, Refund Tobacco Companies

Colorado’s unique Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights will give citizens the chance to decide what to do with excess revenues generated from tobacco taxes.

California’s Cigar Tax to Decrease on July 1

The tax rate on premium cigars will decrease about 5 percentage points this summer.