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California’s Anti-Tobacco Bills Should Head to Gov. Brown Friday

It’s been about six weeks since a package of anti-tobacco bills was passed by the California legislature, including an increase in the minimum age to purchase...
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California Tobacco Regulation Fight Threatened Before Bills Land on Governor’s Desk

Last week, the California Senate approved five different anti-tobacco measures as part of a special session on health. The measures included raising the minimum age to...
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California Senate Passes Bill to Raise Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age & Others

California is one signature away from becoming the second state to require individuals to be 21 to purchase tobacco products. As expected, the California Senate...
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California Tobacco Restrictions Tabled Until Next Year

Yesterday, time expired on the most recent session of the California legislative calendar, and it came and went without any action on a variety of...
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Age Increase & Smoking Ban Bills Move Forward in California

Yesterday, the California State Senate passed a half dozen anti-tobacco measures as part of the state’s Special Session, most notably an expansion to the current...
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Age, Tax Increases & Smoking Ban Bills Threaten California

While most state legislatures are relatively dormant, a variety of changes to how tobacco is regulated and taxed in California have been proposed under the...
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