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Olmec Claro Robusto

The line is named after the Olmecs, a civilization that once occupied the area that is famous in the cigar world for growing Mexican San Andrés tobacco. As you might expect, that’s where the wrapper comes from for this release.

Foundation Cigar Co. Begins Shipping Olmec

The company’s tribute to Mexico and the ancient Mesoamerican people will be arriving on store shelves in the coming days.

PCA 2022: Foundation Cigar Co.

Foundation Cigar Co. is showing off five different releases during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, including the debut of a Highclere Castle cigar that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Foundation Cigar Co.’s New Olmec Line Debuting at PCA 2022

The company is paying tribute to Mexico and the Mesoamerican people with its newest line.