Buckeye Land

As I was looking for an interesting opening for this redux, I had to look back to see when Crowned Heads’ first cigar, Headley Grange,...
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Ohio Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age Now 21

The minimum age to purchase tobacco in Ohio is now 21, or more specifically, will be 21. Ohio’s new tobacco purchasing age law, which increases...
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Dayton, Ohio Will No Longer Hire Tobacco Users

The city of Dayton, Ohio has announced that as of July 15, it will no longer hire tobacco users for government jobs, and they will...
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Ohio Legislature Passes Budget with Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase, Governor Signs (Update)

On Wednesday, the Ohio Legislature passed a bill containing the state’s upcoming budget, and in that budget is a provision that will raise the minimum...
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Ohio Budget Containing Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase Enters Final Debates

A proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old in Ohio will be on the table this week as legislators scramble...
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Lorain, Ohio Bans Smoking and Tobacco Use on City Property

A new ban on smoking and the use of tobacco products will be coming to city property—including parks—in Lorain, Ohio, after the city council unanimously passed a tobacco-free policy for the spaces at its May 20 meeting. The ordinance, which went into effect immediately upon passage, does not include a monetary fine, but does subject […]
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Tallmadge, Ohio Approves Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

While there is a move to increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-year-old statewide in Ohio, this week the Tallmadge City Council...
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Upper Arlington, Ohio Parks Smoking Ban Approved

On Monday night, Upper Arlington became the second city in Ohio to ban smoking in its parks, joining Delaware in passing ordinances that will prevent...
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Delaware, Ohio Bans Smoking in Parks

On Monday, the Delaware City Council passed an ordinance banning any form of smoking at city parks, a ban that includes traditional tobacco products such...
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Summit County, Ohio Increases Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21 for Townships

The minimum age to purchase tobacco in the nine townships in Summit County, Ohio will increase from 18 to 21 effective July 1. Earlier today,...
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Ohio Cigar Tax Cap Increasing 2 Cents

Taxes on premium cigars in Ohio are increasing by a couple of pennies. Last year, Ohio introduced a new tax structure on cigars, increasing the...
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