Mike Pence

Congressmen Send Letter to Pence Regarding FDA Cigar Regulation

Earlier today, three Congressmen sent a letter to Vice-President Mike Pence urging him and President Donald Trump to consider reversing the regulation of premium cigars...
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What the Election Results Mean for Cigar Smokers

No matter the results of the election, this article starts with the same disclosure: there are much larger issues in America than cigars. That said,...
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Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing New Cigar Bars

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has made it easier for new cigar bars to open and cigar smokers to light up in those establishments. To do...
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Evansville, Ind. Could Get Their Smoking Ban Back

A bit of a legal technicality could reinstate the Evansville, Ind. smoking ban recently passed and then overturned by the Indiana Supreme Court. 14News.com reports...
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