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Mas Igneus

ACE Prime Shipping Maria Lucia & Mas Igneus Tomorrow

Maria Lucia is a new line that pays tribute to the mother of Luciano Meirelles, co-founder of ACE Prime. Mas Igneus is a new line of cigars that was blended with tobaccos that matched the pH levels of a specific wine.

PCA 2022: Top Three Things — Brooks Whittington

And now, it is time to read about the three most interesting, most innovative or just plain coolest items I saw as I was walking around the floor of the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

PCA 2022: ACE Prime

Like last year, ACE Prime’s products for the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show are located inside of the Crowned Heads booth. Those releases include a blend honoring the life of ACE Prime founder and co-owner Luciano Meirelles’ mother as well as a cigar made with tobacco which has been selected specifically for its pH balance.

ACE Prime to Debut Mas Igneus at PCA 2022

After a wine was created for an ACE Prime cigar, the company has created a cigar to pair with wines by focusing on a particular aspect of the filler tobaccos.

ACE Prime Adding Three Sizes to Luciano The Dreamer, Announces The Dreamer Wine

ACE Prime has announced a significant expansion to its Luciano The Dreamer line, adding three new vitolas as well as announcing a partnership with Mas…