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Weekly News (Jan. 15, 2024)

The news, reviews and more from the past week.

Weekly News (Aug. 28, 2023)

The news, reviews and more from the past week.

Highland Heights, Ken. Passes Smoke-Free Air Ordinance

Highland Heights joins Bellevue and Dayton in passing smoke-free ordinances.

Dayton, Ky. Passes Smoking Ban for All Public Places

The bill has no exemptions for cigar lounges or tobacco retailers.

Weekly News (Feb. 28, 2022)

Cigar News Ace Prime Planning New Violas For M.X.S. By Dominique Wilkins, Releases Aged Stock Of First Batch Black Label Trading Co. Memento Mori Shipping…

Kentucky Bill Would Allow Cities & Counties to Enact Stricter Tobacco Laws

A new bill proposed in Kentucky would allow for local governments such as cities or counties to enact additional, stricter laws than Kentucky’s own state…

Somerset, Ky. Rejects Proposal for Cigar Bars

The Somerset City Council was set to vote today on a proposal that would have modified the southern Kentucky city’s smoking ordinance to allow for…

Louisville, Ky. Council Votes Against Cigar Bars

Cigar bars will remain banned in Louisville, Ky. Yesterday, the Lousiville Metro Council voted 11-15 on a cigar bar ordinance. Because the measure failed to…

Hodgenville, Ky. Bans Smoking in Most Businesses

The central Kentucky town of Hodgenville has banned smoking in most businesses. Hodgenville’s City Council voted 5-1 in favor of a ban on smoking inside…

Kentucky Legislature Passes Budget, Cigar Tax Increase Removed (Update)

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Legislature passed a one-year budget package that sought to address what will be 12 months of uncertain revenue for the state….