Indianapolis Bans Smoking at Parks

Yesterday, the Indianapolis City Council voted to amend the city’s smoking ban to include city- and county-owned and operated parks. The measure passed by a...
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Weekly News (Feb. 8, 2021)

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Indiana’s Tobacco Purchasing Age Increases to 21

Indiana’s minimum age to purchase tobacco products is now 21-years-old. The changes were proposed and approved via SB 1, which increased the age to both...
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Madison County, Ind. Moving Forward With Smoking Ban, Cigar Bars Exempted

The Madison County Health Board voted in favor of expanding the Indiana smoking ban to cover the indoor areas of all businesses except cigar bars....
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Madison County, Ind. Considering Banning Smoking in Casinos & Bars

The Madison County Board of Health—using the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to help justify their decision—is pushing to ban smoking in the county’s casino, bars and...
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Indiana Governor Signs Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

This week, Indiana became the latest state to officially rage its minimum age to purchase tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping products to 21-years-old, as Gov....
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Indiana Legislature Passes Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase, Sends to Governor

Just before the end of its 2020 legislative session, the Indiana Legislature approved an increase in the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, raising it...
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Indiana Legislature Close to Passing Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

The Indiana Legislature will likely pass legislation in the coming days that will increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping products...
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Winfield, Ind. Bans Smoking in Public Spaces

A new smoking ban will be coming to the town of Winfield after the town council unanimously approved an ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday....
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Indiana Senate Passes Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

Indiana’s Senate has passed a bill that would increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco and products from 18 to 21-years-old. S.B. 1 also triples...
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Indiana House Approves Tobacco Age Increase, Tougher Penalties for Underage Tobacco Sales

The Indiana House of Representatives has approved a bill that will significantly increase penalties for retailers who sell tobacco products, e-cigarettes or vaping products to...
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