Días de Gloria

Días de Gloria Short Churchill

A new full production release from A.J. Fernández was blended as a tribute to the past. The company’s regular production line is named Días de Gloria—which...
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A.J. Fernández Ships Días de Gloria

The Glory Days is now in stores. A.J. Fernández has begun shipping the Días de Gloria—which translates to glory days—a four-size line that is made...
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IPCPR 2019: A.J. Fernández

Last year, the A.J. Fernández booth produced smoke—or fire, I’m honestly not sure—that managed to set off the fire supression system. That led to a...
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A.J. Fernández Teases Días de Gloria Release

Three years ago a new cigar called Días de Gloria appeared on the A.J. Fernández website, now it seems the cigar will be arriving “soon.”...
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A.J. Fernández Plans Días de Gloria

There’s a host of new products from A.J. Fernández Cigars, one of which is named days of glory. That’s what the Spanish phrase Días de Gloria...
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