Conway City Council

Conway, S.C. Bans Smoking on City Property

In February, the Conway City Council rejected a ban on smoking in businesses—a major win for smokers—but move forward a watered-down proposal that would prohibit...
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Conway, S.C. Makes It Official: No Smoking Ban

Smokers in Conway, S.C. are breathing a sigh of relief this week as the city council officially said no to a proposed smoking ban that...
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Conway, S.C. Says No To Smoking Ban in Businesses; Parks Not So Lucky

The Conway City Council started off the year by passing the first reading of a proposal that would effectively ban smoking in all private businesses....
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Conway, S.C. Considers Workplace Smoking Ban

Soon, smoking at most workplaces in Conway, S.C. could become a thing of the past. The Conway City Council is considering a new ordinance that...
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