Lunch with halfwheel: Day 2

Back for another day at the Sands Expo Center, the halfwheel team is on the floor covering day 2 of IPCPR 2019. We had a...
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IPCPR 2019: Day 1 Recap

One day down, two and a half days to go, the saying goes. While that’s not actually true as we’ve been here covering the cigar...
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Lunch With halfwheel: Day 1

Live from day 1 of IPCPR 2019, it’s halfwheel’s beloved editorial assistant: Heather Hartel. I helped out with the convention last year, and came back...
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Editorial: The Future of the IPCPR Show & A Lot of Other People

A couple of disclaimers: This was my first IPCPR. I’ve been immersed in the “industry” for only a couple of months, but it’s been a...
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