Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5.5 x 54 (Prerelease)


In addition to the Grand Reserve 2012 and Añoranzas, Miami Cigar & Co. debuted the newest Nestor Miranda Special Selection at IPCPR 2012, the Connecticut. It’s the third different wrapper for the regular production version of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection, which has previously been offered in Habano Rosado and Oscuro, both from Nicaragua.

The Miami Cigar & Co. blog describes the Special Selection Connecticut as:


Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut: When Nestor goes out and enjoys all that Miami has to offer he can be found smoking his Special Selection. In the afternoon while playing Dominoes he prefers his Rosado wrapper. At night after a nice dinner, he tends to light up a Oscuro. What was missing, was a cigar for the morning cup of coffee. Thus the creation of the Connecticut Wrapper. With the Nestor Miranda Special Selection it will truly be a Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night!

The Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut will debut in four of the six sizes that make up the regular Oscuro and Rosado offerings:

  • Coffee Break (4 1/2 x 50) — $6.80 (Boxes of 20, $136.00)
  • 5.5 x 54 (5 1/2 x 54) — $7.90 (Boxes of 20, $158.00)
  • Piramide (6 1/8 x 52) — $8.40 (Boxes of 20, $168.00)
  • 6 x 60 — $8.60 (Boxes of 20, $172.00)

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5 5 x 54 1

  • Cigar Reviewed: Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5.5 x 54
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Factory: My Father Cigars S.A.
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua
  • Size: 5 1/2 Inches
  • Ring Gauge: 54
  • Vitola: Robusto Gordo
  • MSRP: $7.90 (Boxes of 20, $158.00)
  • Release Date: September 2012
  • Number of Cigars Released: Regular Production
  • Number of Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

It’s a mustard color wrapper with veins easily noticeable and a roll that could be a bit better, although it feels solid. I will say, the light grey on the top of the bands goes very well with the wrapper and design of the rest of the band, although I’m still not sure about how I feel about the color of the foil. The Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut presents a pleasant surprise once the cellophane is removed with an intense sweet brownie cocoa and leather mixture—something totally unexpected. From the foot there is less cocoa with some cedar, pine and fruitiness, a bit less smooth and less sweet than the wrapper. Cold draw is dominated by a sweet cocoa with some herbs. It’s full and a bit tight.

The first third of the Special Selection Connecticut starts by drying the palate with some toasty nuts and herbal flavors before the nuts begin to deepen and add detail. By the end, there’s a finish of a great walnut note with some spice on the lips. The nuts fade as a sweetness develops along with some smooth cedar and a touch of cocoa. While the strength is mild, this is a full-flavored cigar that’s not very Connecticut. The ash gets to the inch and a half mark, but seems to hamper smoke production at any major lengths.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5 5 x 54 2

Into the second third and there’s an added harshness at the back of the throat. Eventually, it settles down and the pine notes return to takeover the profile of the cigar with added assistance from a hybrid butter and creaminess. In addition, some cedar, barnyard and toastiness notes join the fray. It’s sweet and intertwined. Strength is now a mild plus while the ever-increasing body is now medium-full. Flavor is still full.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5 5 x 54 3

The smoke becomes heavier going into the final third, which is a welcome progression. Unfortunately, the flavor has become even more muddled with the creaminess and pine dominating a collection of notes that is best described as less detailed remnants of the prior third. It stays full up until the final inch, when the Nestor Miranda turns harsh. Strength ends right around mild-medium, a nice gradual progression throughout the entire cigar.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut 5 5 x 54 4

Final Notes

  • For all three examples I smoked, I was shocked each time when I took the cigar out of the cellophane—it just doesn’t smell like a typical Connecticut.
  • My two favorite shapes offered in the Special Selection line, the Lancero and Ruky, are not offered in the Connecticut wrapper. I enjoy the Lancero shape in general, although when it comes to the Nestor Miranda line, it has never been a top choice for me.
  • I’m mixed on the name of this size. There’s something about the simplicity, although I’ll admit the title of this post looks awkward.
  • Despite a pretty deep portfolio, Miami Cigar & Co. is relatively limited when it comes to Connecticuts. Prior to the extension to the Special Selection, you had to look to La Aurora’s 1495 Connecticut, Preferido Sapphire and León Jimenes Prestige for a widely-available Connecticut cigar in the distribution list.
  • I let all these cigars sit for at least ten days after the show, that being said the draws were all over the place.
  • There was other new offering banded in Special Selection livery at IPCPR 2012, the Danno 2012. It also featured a new wrapper, San Andrés.
  • As I mentioned above, I absolutely love the subtle tweak to the band.
  • If you are wondering why the coloring is different in the pictures, it’s not because the cigars are that different. Rather, the pictures were shot in three different states.
  • Construction was decent. The smoke production definitely could be better, but burn was great.
  • The cigar used for this review were given to halfwheel by Miami Cigar & Co. at IPCPR 2012.
  • Final smoking time was one hour and 40 minutes.
83 Overall Score

Running down the ever-growing list of new school Connecticut cigars we have seen in the past two years, I can't say there is one that is similar to the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut. Even with the near constant full flavor/mild strength moniker applied to the segment, there are few that had the extremely full flavors and near utter lack of strength. And there is nothing that has the unique flavors of the Special Selection Connecticut. That being said, it's not a Connecticut I could see myself picking up again with any frequency in the midst of an utterly crowded market place that includes examples like the Intemperance ECX, XEN by Nish Patel, Oliva Connecticut Reserve, My Father Le Bijou Connecticut Edition and others; and limited editions like the STUDIO TOBAC ST-EFG01, Cabaiguan WCD 120 REDUX, and E.P. Carrillo NWC Short Run 2012. There are a lot of unique qualities, for me they just don't come together enough to go up against what are some of the best cigars of the past year. It's different, just not better.

Charlie Minato
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