Just a little over two years ago we posted a news story about the original release, Casa Miranda Chapter One. When that story was written there was still speculation about the cigar’s blender and his future job opportunities, which we now know what came of that. 

Willy Herrera is now at Drew Estate and Chapter Two is at My Father Cigars S.A. It will be released in four sizes: a 4 1/2 x 50 Robusto, a 6 x 46 Corona Gorda, a 5 1/2 x 54 Toro and a 6 x 60 Gran Toro. Here is what Miami Cigar & Co. had to say about the Chapter Two:

Everybody loves a good sequel, and the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 is set to debut at IPCPR which is being held this year in Las Vegas, NV. The follow up to the original which was made in Miami at the famed El Titan de Bronze, will be made at My Father Cigars S.A in Estelí, Nicaragua. According to Jason Wood; VP of Miami Cigar & Company, “Just like any great novel, our story continues to gain momentum with the release of Chapter 2 at this years’ IPCPR. I look forward to our consumer’s feedback on this medium bodied beauty!” The tobacco used for this new chapter is a dark Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper with filler from Brazil, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Casa Miranda Chapter Two Toro 1

  • Cigar Reviewed: Casa Miranda Chapter Two Toro
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Factory: My Father Cigars S.A.
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
  • Size: 5 1/2 Inches
  • Ring Gauge: 54
  • Vitola: Toro
  • MSRP: $7.60 (Box of 15, $114.00)
  • Release Date: July 2013
  • Number of Cigars Released: Regular Production
  • Number of Cigars Smoked for Review: 1

The wrapper is a medium brown and I think is quite a beautiful looking wrapper. There are very few veins and no visible seams. It not only looks good, but it has a great soft feeling and a nice, slightly oily texture to it. A couple of minor soft spots are noticeable, but otherwise the cigar has a good amount of give without being too firm. The wrapper smells of barnyard and manure with some hints of sweet tobacco. Sweet cocoa, earth and a little minor pepper on the finish come from the cold draw.

Starting the first third off are earthy notes along with some coffee and a bit of black pepper on the tongue. The draw leans more towards the loose end of a good draw, but is still very much in the acceptable range. Because of the looser draw, smoke just absolutely pours out of the Chapter Two. The ash is white with flecks of gray and holds for a little under an inch. Construction continues to prove to be excellent as the burn corrected itself very nicely from being poorly lit with a soft flame in the wind. Overall the profile is very smooth and creamy. The earlier black pepper has really died down and a mild spice has developed with hints here and there of chili powder. Medium roast coffee with overall creamy and earthy notes continue to dominate the profile.

Casa Miranda Chapter Two Toro 2

The second third I can tell has already grown in strength, but flavor-wise, the Casa Miranda hasn’t changed a lot. Black pepper has returned and the spice has faded, earthy notes have developed stronger while the coffee fades. The draw continues to be good with plenty of smoke production.

Casa Miranda Chapter Two Toro 3

It continues to get stronger, ending up more at a full bodied, medium to full strength cigar. The earthy profile continues to be king, while coffee, black pepper and a bit of spice are all in the background. Once again, the Casa Miranda isn’t changing much.

Casa Miranda Chapter Two Toro 4

Final Notes:

  • Interestingly, Charlie said that when he spoke to Miami Cigar & Co. in 2011, they told him there were absolutely no plans for Chapter Two and that they were “never” going to do it. Clearly that’s not the case.
  • I smoked the Robusto as well, the cigar was very much the same as far as flavor profile.
  • La Flor Dominicana is releasing a Chapter 1 cigar at IPCPR 2013. The company has had somewhat of a history of “borrowing” other cigar company’s names. Last year the company changed its Light cigar to Oro, a name used by Viaje.
  • Miami Cigar & Co. is still making Chapter One at El Titan de Bronze, because of the price point the company admits it’s not the best-selling cigar in the portfolio.
  • Charlie actually wrote about the Chapter One for the first time on June 6, 2011 and shared the full details on Chapter Two on June 6, 2013. Both cigars are making their debut in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • A few years ago Nicaraguan Corojo was amongst the most popular wrappers in the industry, over the last two years it’s fallen significantly out of favor. With little exception, the only people using the tobacco for new lines has been the factories associated with AGANORSA, this seems to be changing.
  • I found these cigars to be a little stronger than I gathered they were aiming for.
  • This cigar was provided to halfwheel by Miami Cigar & Co.
  • Final smoking time was an hour and 40 minutes.
  • While most of our retail sponsors carry Miami Cigar & Co. product, only two still have the original Chapter One in stock: Atlantic Cigar and Best Cigar Prices. Obviously nobody has Chapter Two in stock yet, but most of our sponsors will probably carry it.
89 Overall Score

I think this cigar is going to be a hit. At a very reasonable price point and an extremely solid profile, I think this will be a cigar that a lot of people will want to put in their rotation. This cigar has a lot going for it. Not only is it a good looking cigar that boasts fantastic construction, but the plentiful smoke delivers a smooth and creamy profile with flavors that meshed together very nicely. This will be a no brainer to seek out as soon as you can get your hands on them and with a reasonable price point for a 15-count box, it will be an easy decision to pick a box up.

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Brian Burt

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