PK Smoke Free Suites is a company started by Michael Pike. What exactly they are selling was somewhat of a mystery from the initial email we received from them, but as soon as I showed up at the booth, things started to click into place.

The stand-alone structure appears at first to be akin to a sauna you might buy for your house: wooden exterior, no windows, and just a door on one side. It is not a sauna, which I would not have wanted to cover here in the Las Vegas heat, anyway, but a self-contained smoking lounge.

Pike, an avid cigar smoker who has worked in the HVAC business for nearly 30 years, knows there is a consumer demand to smoke inside their houses, without making them smell like smoke. Many solutions require filters, need you to be near the unit, and don’t remove the smoke from the room quickly enough to keep furniture, clothes, and more from smelling.

Enter the PK Smoke Free Suite.

This modular, stand-alone room is designed to be assembled inside your house — such as an office, game room, or basement. The design doesn’t allow any smoke to escape, and completely closes off the lounge from the rest of the room. So you’re not hotboxing inside the lounge, the 300 CFM fan with patent-pending design allows the air inside the lounge to be completely exchanged every 90 seconds, meaning there is an 80-90% reduction in the lingering smoke.

So how does it work?

Holes around the outside perimeter of the base are used for air intake, drawing in the air from the exterior room.

That air is drawn up through the lounge floor, with holes drilled every few inches in a grid pattern.

The, it’s drawn up to the ceiling, with holes similar to the floor, and vented to an exhaust vent powered by a 300 CFM fan. The exhaust can then be vented outside the house as you would for a dryer, either through an exterior wall or through a vent in the roof.

Because the air is being vented directly outside, the maintenance is nearly zero, since the suite functions without a filter, and the fan has a long lifespan. Also, if you are worried about the negative air pressure it might create in the room it’s installed in, Pike noted that your typical bathroom fan is only 80-100 CFM, so the 300 CFM fan is negligible. Lastly, with the airflow designed to go from the floor towards the ceiling, minimal smoke lingers in the room, which means you and your clothes will not be picking up nearly as much smoke smell as you would sitting in a room with normal airflow.

Currently, Pike plans to only sell these units through local retailers who can build them in the consumer’s house via local install teams. Right now, there are three modular room sizes available.

  • Robusto — 4′ x 8′ Lounge for 1-2 People — $6,500
  • Churchill — 8′ x 8′ Lounge for 2-4 People — $9,000
  • Presidente — 8′ x 12′ Lounge for 4-6 People — $13,000

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