I get curious whenever I see a humidor company exhibiting at the PCA Convention & Trade Show that I’m unfamiliar with. Simply put: there just aren’t that many companies making humidors and half of the time, they end up being companies that are just selling rebadged humidors. Rebranding Chinese-made products is decidedly not the case with Benchmark Humidors; it’s makes its own humidors in Texas.

Benchmark isn’t new, but the company launched with a direct-to-consumer model that it says relied heavily on YouTube advertising. Unfortunately, YouTube has gotten significantly less friendly towards cigars, so Benchmark made the decision to start trying to get its products into resources.

The Benchmark booth was one of a number of 10′ x 10′ booths located at the back of the trade show. Fortunately, a very pronounced aisle extended the full width of the show floor, creating a human highway of sorts that Benchmark got to stare at throughout the trade show. It was also located right next to the RoMa Craft Tobac booth, which couldn’t have hurt things.

Benchmark Corona Grande Series

This is the current Benchmark Humidor design, which is offered in nine different wood designs. Each humidor is made in Texas and can fit 3-4 cigars that are up to 6 1/4 inches long and up to 60 ring gauge. Spanish cedar is used inside, birch is used for the structure and then a veneer is applied in your choice of wood option, which is what explains the price range. Benchmark says that its veneers are twice as thick as what you would normally find on a humidor. They certainly look pretty and seem quite functional.

Every humidor comes with two 8g Boveda 75 percent packs for seasoning and two 8g Boveda 72 packs for usage. The company says the packs should last about 30 days with regular usage. Every humidor has a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $110-180

Production: Regular Production

Production: 2021

Benchmark Presidente Series

Benchmark is making a larger version of its travel humidor that will measure 4.75 inches x 9 x 1 and is designed to store 10-20 cigars up to 9 inches long. Interestingly, the company says it’s a lot easier to make these than the Corona Grande, which means the price points aren’t all that different despite the very large difference in size.

These units will come with a tray, though the prototype in Las Vegas didn’t have the tray.

MSRP: $130-200

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: October 2022


This is a small Spanish cedar Boveda-holder that is designed to hold two 8-gram packs. It can be placed inside a bag or really anything if you wanted to add some Spanish cedar to wherever your cigars are being stored.

MSRP: $12

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2022

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