I’ve talked a lot about minimalistic approaches to booth setups this year, but in that regard, Caldwell Cigar Co. takes the cake. Its entire booth setup is made up of two folding tables, one pop-up display banner, and a handful of metal folding chairs. Oh. And a little bit of trash.

It also unofficially won the Worst Exhibit award, handed out by the Sands Expo Convention Center cleaning staff, who had to be convinced that the trash in the booth space was intentional and not something that needed to be picked up. You could say it was more art installation than trade show booth.

Though the Caldwell brand was not displaying anything new for the show, there are three new releases under the Lost&Found brand.

Lost&Found Blue Collar Bundles

While there wasn’t complete information for these, they were being released at the show. As of now, it’s just one size and blend, but the plan will be to continue to release different blends and sizes under the Blue Collar Bundles name.

  • Wrapper: Costa Rica
  • Binder: Costa Rica
  • Filler: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic
  • Blue Collar Bundles — TBA

Production: n/a

Release Date: July 2021

Lost&Found Pepper Cream Soda Boxed Special Edition

Lost&Found is moving away from the whimsical packs of cigars and turning towards a more traditional box presentation. It comes in two sizes in a 10-count box with it noted that these are a 2014 vintage.

  • Wrapper: Dominican Republic (HVA)
  • Binder: Dominican Republic (Criollo)
  • Filler: Undisclosed (Criollo)
  • Pepper Cream Soda Boxed Special Edition Fattt Corona (5 1/2 x 47) — $10.50 (Box of 10, $105)
  • Pepper Cream Soda Boxed Special Edition Robusto (5 1/4 x 52) — $12 (Box of 10, $120)

Production: n/a

Release Date: Late Summer 2021

Lost&Found One Night Stand Boxed Special Edition

One Night Stand also got the box treatment for the 2016 vintage cigars.

  • Wrapper: Dominican Republic
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic
  • One Night Stand Robusto (5 x 52) — $11 (Box of 10, $110)
  • One Night Stand Toro (6 x 52) — $12 (Box of 10, $120)

Production: n/a

Release Date: Late Summer 2021

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